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SEO basics

SEO basics

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

What is the purpose of SEO?

SEO is a process which helps in visibility of web pages or websites in search engine’s (such as google, yahoo, bing, etc) search results.

What are the main types of search results?

Broadly there are 2 types of search results
1. Organic or natural search result
2. Paid result or advertising


What are the techniques/ methods of SEO?

SEO can be categorised into 2.
1. White hat SEO
2. Black hat or Spamdexing

How do I check my website standing in SEO?

Well, there are many paid and free services available on the net. Each website needs to get a special attention in terms of SEO as each website is unique in respect of content, segment etc.

Which is a good website for SEO services?

A casual search in a search engine will yield you many results.

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