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Lightbulb Holders

Howdy Folks,

When it comes to changing the look and feel of your home, lighting becomes one of the main focus areas. I have bought various fancy (bit expensive aswell) light fixtures to give my home a look good factor. When i reached a stage where i could say wow, it was time to get replacement bulbs and this is the time where i realised that there is a maintenance cost involved when it comes to good looks and most of the fancy looking light fixtures use a bulb holder which does not take a regular bulb and i seriously wonder why!!!.

Being a person with no electrical background i needed a solution which was easy for me to implement (no more paying the electrician and definitely not buying those expensive bulbs which dont last long!)

Here is all i found about bulb holders and work around incase you ended up buying a lighting fixture with an uncommon bulbholders.



Light Bulb holders (also called as sockets) are of different shapes and sizes and based on this one would have to buy an appropriate light bulb with right base.




The most common and my favorite is the bulb holder which accepts a bulb base of B22.



Bulbs with base B22 are so common and cheap (being interested only in branded bulbs such as Philips, Everready, etc..), one can find them anywhere in many types – it could be a normal looking cfl bulb, a fancy looking fancy bulb, an incandescent bulb with desired luminous (light emission) or even the happening LED bulb.

Now about the other common holder types (undesired) that are frequently found in a nice looking light fixture

1. B15

These resemble B22, but are smaller in size


2. E27

These hold the bulbs with screw type bulb base (this is the bulb type which made me thinking)



3. E14

These are again bulbs with different screw type bulb base.



4. E40

Another screw type bulb base 🙂



Well, now you would say why buy a fixture with undesired holder or if you have already bought something then why not change the bulb holder!! The answer to this is i have tried and failed in both :).

The law of nature applies to the bulbs and bulb fixtures aswell 🙂 “Nothing in this world is perfect”, so i ended up buying/still buying fixtures with undesired holder type and for the second point about changing the bulb holder – trust me you wouldn’t want to try this unless you are sure about what you are doing, else you will end up with a useless master piece.


Now the solution,

There is a small segment of market online which make &/ sell something called a “Bulb holder socket converter”. These are one the best addon invention i would say.



You could find these on ebay for fraction of the price of the expensive bulbs and its a one time investment.

Now the big question, how do you know what socket converter to buy? Answer to this is simple, find out what type of adapter does your light fixture have then buy a converter which says __ to B22 convertor.

For example, your fixture holder takes a bulb with E27 base – then you should look for a converter with E27 base at the bottom and a B22 Socket at the top. That is it you are good to go by just fixing the newly bought converter to your fixture’s holder and attach a common bulb with B22 base to the converter.

In case you need to change the bulb, just replace the bulb as you have been doing all your life 🙂


Now bulbs dont scare us, do they?

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