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Domain Name Investing – Introduction

My last post on “Invest” was an introduction to investing in financial products and i will detail those over a period of time. Today i will introduce you to something different, a non financial product, if i could call it that way. It is called “Domain Name Investing”.

It was early 2009 when i first bought a domain name (out of curiosity), it was a .info domain name for a dollar!. Well i let it expire as i had no clue as to how to handle it.

In 2010, i wanted to invest some money in something that i generally don’t invest in. Not shares, not bonds and definitely not ULIP or mutual funds.

My curiosity regarding domains had not ended and with my complex experience of buying my first domain name i was sure there was lot more than what i was seeing.

After some research i bought some domain names (including my first dot com). I had bought it with an idea to start an online venture which failed (more on this later). I was left with the domain names and it did not take too long for me to realize that the stuff i had bought was worthless.

It took me couple of years and many worthless domains to learn the tricks and to build a decent portfolio.

Well for those who are still wondering what the hell i am talking about!

Domain Name is your web address. This is the address to your virtual real estate. Like mine is ““.

As of now there are over 1 billion live websites online and the interesting point is that every domain name is unique. i.e. a name can be owned by only one person at a time. And this is where lies your profit making opportunity.

The below sample list will give you an idea as to for how much domain names are selling for        $1,200,000 $500,000 $250,000  $155,688  $100,000    $100,000


Over a period of time i will introduce you to things that i have learned the hard way so that you don’t end up making the same mistakes that i did.

So stay tuned..

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