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Domain name extensions – .com, .net, .in, etc

Hello Folks,

To continue from where we left in the last post, there are many things you have to keep in mind when you decide to buy a domain name.The parameters depend on the purpose you are buying a domain for.

Now the basic question. Why would you want to buy a domain name?

Few of the reasons could be
1. You may be wanting to buy a domain with your name on it to create a blog or it could be to host your resume, etc..
2. You may be wanting to buy domains as a hobby (if you are fond of collecting unique stuff)
3. You may be wanting to buy domains with an expectation of value appreciation (in the end hoping to make lots of $$$$)

What ever the reason may be, but the first thing you have to look at is the level of domain you would want to buy. Level of Domain influences the value of domain significantly if you are investing money from appreciation point of view. We will cover this at a later stage. First thing first..

Now lets say i want to buy a domain name “Sudeep Suresh” in it. On searching for availability i get a huge list of available names with various extensions (extensions like (dot)com, (dot)net, (dot) org, or with (dot)in, etc..).

Now if you wonder what would i buy!
I would buy a (dot) com or a (dot)net if i am looking at getting indexed globally and i would buy a (dot)in if i am looking only at Indian region.

There are of 2 levels of domains

1.Top level domains (also called as TLD)
2. Second level domains

Now what is a second level? An example domain name to this would be, the .co is the second level of .in.

TLD’s (Top level domains) are of 2 types
1. Generic TLD’s
2. cc TLD’s

Generic TLD’s as the name suggests are generic in nature. i.e. they are not confined to a region. Something like www.TheMonk.Net,,

cc TLD’s are also top level domains but with a country code – This means that they are at the top level at the country level. Example would be www.IMAGINARY.IN,, www.QTO.IN, etc.

Another favorite domain extension is (dot)Asia. Now this is a relatively new and one of the happening domain extensions which is a TLD and could get you attention of Asian region. Example domain names for (dot)Asia could be,,,,, etc..


Here is the list of TLD’s from ICANN that are available in market (This includes generic aswell as country level TLD’s)


Now with so many options of domain extensions to buy, what would i buy? Well from the appreciation point of view my order of priority would be

1. (dot) com – example – www.GAMETRAPS.COM
2. (dot) net – example – www.REPUBLICOFINDIA.NET
3. (dot) org – example – www.THEBUSINESSANALYST.ORG
4. (dot)info – example – www.MARKETFINANCE.INFO

If its a fancy name and not available else where
1. (dot) ws – example –
2. (dot) me – example –

If it is a virtual estate with great potential for appreciation
1. (dot)Asia – example www.Unlimited.Asia

If it is a region i am focusing then it would be the extension of that region such as (dot)us for USA, (dot)in for India, etc..
or it could be with a secondary cctld, such as
1. (dot)net(dot)in – example
2. (dot)co(dot)in – example

3. (dot)ind(dot)in – example

Hope this article has added some value to you. Come back soon for more.

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