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Affiliate Marketing Process

Affiliate Marketing Process

This century started with a bang creating new avenues and opportunities for people who got well versed with affiliate marketing process . Internet taking the front seat as a medium of connectivity, many got an opportunity to make money without leaving their home. Affiliate Marketing is one of the oldest and the most successful way of making money online with thousands of people earning their bread and butter through it.
Amazon is one of the early adopters of affiliate marketing and still depends heavily on its affiliates to gather traffic and to make sales. Amazon is one of the leading and successful internet companies that have affiliate marketing model embedded in their business plan.

In affiliate marketing process there are generally two or three parties involved:
1. the Affiliate – This is the person who advertises the suppliers products and/or services to their audiences through their websites, or to their email subscriber list or other affiliate marketing methods
2. The supplier – This is the actual supplier
3. Agent – Sometimes there is an agency involved who are engaged to manage the link between affiliate and the supplier


Affiliate Marketing Process:
In Affiliate Marketing the following steps are involved
1. The affiliate expresses the desire to market the suppliers products through the medium specified by the product seller – it could be through a form in their website or through an agency.
2. The product supplier/the agency reviews the application and approves if the application meets the expectation. In general the product seller expects the applicant to possess an existing website that has sufficient traffic (as per product suppliers requirement).
3. On approval the product supplier will provide custom banners, links and tracking code to the affiliate to help in advertising and tracking.
4. The affiliate will be able to track the income or commission they are due to receive through the affiliate id that is provided to them by the supplier.

Affiliate Marketing is all about sending quality traffic to suppliers website which would lead to conversion of lead to sales and earning a commission for referral to the affiliate as an incentive. Affiliate marketing has been , is and is definitely going to be a lucrative business opportunity for aspiring internet entrepreneurs as it is a proven business model which requires very less capital infusion with very low risk.


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